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Coldsaw Man Case

1971 Two missing-person reports were filed in the area around New York City for Edgar Wilson and Delores Harriot.
1972 Body of Delores was found six months after she was reported missing in an abandoned steel mill, cut into several pieces by a cold saw found on the scene. Based on her body’s current state, it was estimated she’d been dead for only a few weeks. All but her legs were recovered. Two more people were reported missing within a few miles of the mill days later. The body of Edgar Wilson was also found within a week of the reports in the same fashion as Delores. He was estimated to have been dead for a month. All but his arms were recovered.
1973 Police responded to a call of a break-in to an abandoned apartment complex. No suspect was found inside, but a strange shrine was discovered there, centered around an effigy made of preserved severed body parts later identified as those of Edgar Wilson, Delores Harriot and two other people listed as missing the prior year.
1977 Investigators were forced to put the Coldsaw Man Case under cold-cases after no additional evidence was found.
1982 Another body, Matilda Irish, was found after being reported abducted several months earlier. Her body was found much in the same fashion of the previous Coldsaw victims, but evidence suggested it was merely a copycat as none of the pieces were missing and the body was prearranged into the effigy found at the end of the original Coldsaw Man Case.
2000 A string of horrific murders was reported in the American Midwest. After several months, fear of a new Coldsaw spread as four victims’ limbs were found arranged in an old train station like the original Coldsaw with a shrine in front of it. This was repeated in other parts of the tri-state area within a year of each other. The similarities were frightening to the point where some believe this new killer may have some connection to the original Coldsaw.

Character Hooks What is your connection to the Coldsaw Man Case?

  • A loved one went missing almost six months ago. It is known that the Coldsaw abducts two people at a time — one male and one female and six months later, another two after the previous two had been killed. Another person was also reported missing in the same city. By the Coldsaw’s timeframe, they may only have a few days left to be found alive.
  • You were hired as a private investigator to look into a missing person’s case. After a month on the job, things started to look bad as evidence began to point towards the Coldsaw Man.
  • You were close to one of the victims of the Coldsaw (either when he first started or when the new murders began) and have been looking for the psycho ever since.

Character Creation

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